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AmberTax ant

AmberTax is reliable and experienced company working in Tax Refund sphere from 2003 (started as Student Tax Consulting). As a result, we took huge baggage of experience and raised it to another level of Tax Refund services.

AmberTax provides Tax Refund services for people who temporarily worked in USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Norway and Germany. What is more, our partners and representatives are all over the world and our customers are from different continents.

As can be seen, our brand consists of two symbols: the Amber and Ant. We chose “Lithuanian gold” to represent our company as we are one of the biggest company in Baltic region providing Tax Refund services for people worldwide. Our young, enthusiastic and experienced team offers the most trasparent service with high standards of work ethics and professionalizm, clear fees, high quality services and respect of client‘s privacy. Thus we work diligently as an “Ant”.




AmberTax mission is dual. First, we seek to provide the most professional, transparent and reliable Tax Refund services to everyone from everywhere. Second, collaborating with the client to develop trustworthy relations, communication and friendly environment.




We intend to provide our clients with the best customer service experience, professional work and knowledge about our services, simple and useful website, easy-to-follow online system, transparent service fees, clear and secure payment methods. Besides, we believe in honest and clear communication between the client and AmberTax staff. The most important, AmberTax is about improving. We create and reform our services to improve our client’s experiences.

Tax experts


AmberTax experts are licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and have legal rights to represent taxpayers before tax institutions. We are officially authorized to prepare income tax refund according to the laws and regulations of Tax Authorities.

 Why choose AmberTax?


Because we simply love our job and idea that we can help people like you to get Tax Refund without any worries, stress and time waste. Therefore, we can even more fulfill our customers’ and partners’ needs and expectations. All you need is that you can rely on our professional team which is ready to return maximum of your refund.

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