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Get your USA Tax Refund fast and easy!

If you are planning to work in USA or have already worked there
for past 3 years, you can get
USA Tax Refund which belongs to YOU!

You can check how much taxes you can get back using our free tax refund calculator

What is USA Tax Refund?

While you are working in USA you are paying income taxes and if you pay more than you have to,
you can get an overpayment (USA Tax Refund) back. Isn’t that great?!

We refund:

  • We refund Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare taxes;
  • We refund taxes for the last 3 years;
  • We refund taxes if you are J-1, F-1, H1B, H2B, B-1/B-2, M-1, Q-1 visa or Green Card holder.

How it works?



Document collection...

Tax Return preparation by AmberTax...

Submitting declarations to US Tax Authorities...

Paying out Tax Refund...

How to start USA Tax Refund process?

All you need to do is to Apply for Tax Refund service pressing the button

and we will contact you for further details.

More information how to apply for your Tax Refund you can find at this video:

It is just that simple!

Tax experts

AmberTax experts are licensed tax practitioners who specialize in USA taxation and have legal rights to represent taxpayers before IRS. We are officially authorized to prepare income tax refund according to the USA laws and regulations of IRS. We are 100% compliant with USA Tax laws.

Documents you need to provide for USA Tax Refund are:


It is important to provide information about all employers which you had in USA, even if you worked for one day or have not paid income taxes;

NOTE: If you do not have any of these documents, you can still apply for income tax refund! AmberTax will assist getting the missing documents for you!


USA Tax refund process time


Average Tax Refund time is about 4 months from the date when US Income Tax Declaration is sent to US Tax Authorities.

USA Tax Refund process can be delayed in the following cases:

    • When the client does not provide full accurate information.
    • When the client does not provide all the required documents.
    • When US tax authorities decide to review tax return or request additional information.

Our service fees


AmberTax service fee for Tax Year 2018 starts from 59 USD. The price Includes VAT, levy, handling fees and covers Federal as well as all State Tax Returns.

For claim of Social Security/Medicare taxes from each employer – 99 USD.

For replacement of missing form W-2, if necessary – 25 USD.


It is a possibility to get back all overpaid income taxes from US government.

Everyone who visited US as university/college student or an exchange visitor on Work & Travel, Internship, Trainee, Camp Counselor or any other program can apply for USA Tax Refund service.

Until the 15th of April next year after your visit USA you are able to claim USA Tax Refund for past four years.

The amount of taxes, which you can expect to be refunded, depends on many factors: visa type, total income you have earned, total taxes you have paid, period you have stayed in USA and many others. Please check our Free Tax Refund Calculator.

If you have underpaid taxes we strongly recommend that you file your Income Tax Return and pay all your tax due. This will help you to avoid unnecessary problems if you decide to visit USA in the future.

Social Security Card (SSC) is a card, which contains a unique 9 digits Social Security Number. Every person seeking employment in USA must have Social Security number. You should apply for Social Security number at the local Social Security Administration office as soon as you come to USA.

Also SSC will be necessary applying for USA Tax Refund.

If you remember your Social Security number and name, exactly as it was written on the card, we can try to get your taxes back. Even if you didn‘t receive it you can still apply for tax refund and we will deal with your situation personally.

It is a tax form which your employer gives to fill you, when you start to work, so that he could withheld the correct federal income taxes from your pay.

You should use your home address or our company address on W-4 form. Do not use your temporary address in USA, because employer will send your W-2 form to this address.

Form W-2 – Wage and Tax Statement, which reports an employee’s annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from employee’s paycheck during one tax year.

Every employer at the end of the tax year, till the middle of February, must send w-2 form to his employees. The form is send to the address provided on W-4 form.

You can provide us with final pay slip or the one before last. The process of USA Tax Refund will be shorter than in case with no pay slip at all.

We will also have to reclaim your W-2 form if your pay slip is the one before last. That is because the pay slip, which is not last shows not final sums of income and taxes.

Yes, you can, but copy of DS-2019 form especially important for those who paid SS/Med taxes and want to get them back.

If you have J-1, F-1 or M-1 visa, you don’t have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes (if you have H-2B visa you have to pay). If those taxes were withheld from you, we strongly recommend to get refund of SS/Med taxes directly from the employer before leaving USA. If you came back home and your employer still didn’t refund you those taxes, we will do our best to get them back.


Yes. But you have to submit information about your income received from all 3 employers. As your refund amount depends on total income earned in United States, you should provide W-2 or last earnings statement from all three employers.

If you have saved receipts, please attach them to the USA application pack.

We can’t refund payments for your studies.

Yes, we can. Please contact us for further information by email [email protected]. If you have any additional questions send a message to our tax professionals through form “Ask a question” or live chat.

Because we simply love our job and idea that we can help people like you to get USA Tax Refund without any worries, stress and time waste.

All you need is just rely on our professional team which is ready to return maximum of your refund.

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