Facts about AmberTax:

AmberTax has been working in tax refund sphere from 2003 and during that time has grown a global partnership network.
Our company guarantees trustworthy and transparent Tax Refund service. We take full responsibility for each client’s Tax Refund situation and put all possible efforts to refund the maximum amount of taxes for the friendly service fee. AmberTax focuses on fixing flexible partnership agreements and offering model “less work – more value”!

1 k

If you can assign your company’s
client at least to one below listed
criteria – AmberTax is worth
to cooperate with:


  • „Work and Travel USA“ participant;
  • „Trainee USA“ participant;
  • “Internship USA” participant;
  • „Work and Study Canada“ participant;
  • “Work Canada” and other work programs in Canada participant;
  • All persons, who have temporarily worked in UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway.

2 k

Core cooperation values for
Your Agency


  • Pleasant communication and responsible partnership;
  • Minimal work with clients;
  • Flexible commission system and cooperation scheme;
  • Online account;
  • Free marketing material;
  • Free international shipping of client’s documents;
  • ”Less work – more value” for your Agency.

3 k

Core cooperation values to Your


  • Highest legal Tax Refund amount and low service fees;
  • Online account;
  • Full service package at one place (Your Agency);
  • AmberTax staff support;
  • Assistance in missing documents;
  • International transfer to client’s personal account;
  • Tax Refund for old tax years.

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