Canada tax refund

Canada tax refund

Get your Canada Tax Refund fast and easy!

If you are planning to work in Canada or have already worked there
for past 10 years, you can get
Tax Refund which belongs to YOU!

You can check how much taxes you can get back using our free tax refund calculator

What is Canada Tax Refund?

While you are working in Canada you are paying income taxes and if you pay more than you have to,
you can get an overpayment (Canada Tax Refund) back. Isn’t that great?!

We refund:

  • * We refund Federal and Provincial/Territorial taxes;
  • * We refund taxes for the last 10 years;

How it works?



Document collection...

Tax Return preparation by AmberTax...

Submitting declarations to US Tax Authorities...

Paying out Tax Refund...

How to start Canada Tax Refund process?

All you need to do is to Apply for Tax Refund service pressing the button

and we will contact you for further details.

It is just that simple!

Documents you need to provide for your Tax Refund are:


It is important to provide information about all employers which you had in Canada, even if you worked for one day or have not paid income taxes;

NOTE: If you do not have any of these documents, you can still apply for income tax refund! AmberTax will assist getting the missing documents for you!

Canada Tax refund process time


Average Tax Refund time is about 6 months from the date when Canada Income Tax Declaration is sent to Canada Tax Authorities.

Canada Tax Refund process can be delayed in the following cases:

  • When the client does not provide full accurate information.
  • When the client does not provide all the required documents.
  • When Canada Tax Authorities decide to review tax return or request additional information.

Our service fees


There is no upfront service fee – service fee is deducted only after your Tax Refund is received!

AmberTax service fee is 10% from the refunded amount, but not less than 75 CAD. The price includes VAT, levy and handling fees.

For replacement of missing form T4 if it is necessary – 25 CAD.


It is a possibility to get back all overpaid income taxes from Canada government.

Anyone who has lived and worked in the Canada for the past ten years may be eligible to claim for a tax refund.

You are able to claim Canada Tax Refund for past ten years.

In order to claim Canada Tax Refund You have to press button APPLY NOW and fill registration form. Once you do this, you will receive an email with document package and instruction how to fill documents correctly. Also you will need to provide T4 forms / last payslips for each job you have had during the tax year.

You can contact us by e-mail [email protected] or phone +370206041 as well!

You can use our FREE Canada Tax Refund Calculator. 90 cases out of 100 – we provide 100% refund of taxes paid in Canada.

We strongly recommend that you file your Income Tax Return and pay all your tax due. This will help you to avoid unnecessary problems if you decide to visit Canada in the future.

Apply now and collect necessary documents: copies of Social Insurance Card, your passport/ID card, copy of visa, copies of forms T4 or last payslips from each of your employers. If you don’t have final payslips, send us any payslips you have.

Form T4 is a Wage and Tax Statement, which reports an employee’s annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from employee’s paycheck during one tax year.

Social Insurance Number Card (SIN) is a card, which contains a unique 9 digits Social Insurance Number. Every person seeking employment in Canada must have Social Insurance Number Card. Also SIN Card will be necessary applying for Canada tax refund.

You need to declare all income earned outside of Canada during the tax year. Canadian Tax authorities require this information to assess the correct tax rate.

All fees are detail described in Contract between AmberTax and You – our client. Note! Service fees apply ONLY at the end of all process when customer receives tax refund. There are no upfront charges for any AmberTax service! AmberTax commission fees will be charged only when you receive your Canada Tax Refund.

Once we receive your tax refund from Canadian Tax Authorities we will deduct our service fees and transfer the refund to your bank account in any country or issue a bank cheque to your home address.

Yes, you can file your tax return yourself. But please note, that Canada tax system is very complicate and is a big challenge for people to understand tax laws. To prepare correctly tax return is not so easy as it might look. We advise to rely on professional AmberTax expert and do not worry about tax refund process at all.

Yes, we can. Please contact us for further information by email [email protected]. If you have any additional questions send a message to our tax professionals through form “Ask a question” or live chat.

Because we simply love our job and idea that we can help people like you to get Canada Tax Refund without any worries, stress and time waste.

All you need is just rely on our professional team which is ready to return maximum of your refund.

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