Privacy Policy

You have entered AmberTax company’s website. This website provides information about AmberTax services and enable us to respond to specific questions from Web site visitors.

Your personal information is not collected just because you visit this Internet site. However, there are some forms on this website that provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, get calculations, sign up for electronic newsletters, use My taxes system and apply for tax refund process.

All of these services are voluntary and require that you provide additional personal information to us. Our company respects your right to privacy therefore your provided personal information is held confidential by the highest level of security. If you provide us personal information about other, or if others provide us information about you, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us. We do not sell client’s personal information to third parties.

We do not share client’s personal details with companies, organizations and individuals outside of AmberTax except if required under the law. All clients’ testimonials on our website published with their permission.

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