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AmberTax.com is a trading name for the services of Simpleta Ltd., Lithuania.

AmberTax.com specializes in Tax Refund services for people who have worked in any of the countries advertised on www.ambertax.com.

Our company guarantees transparent Tax Refund service. We take all responsibility for each client’s Tax Refund situation and put all possible efforts to refund the maximum amount of taxes based on the information and documentation provided by its clients.

Tax Refund process

Client submits all required documents and forms to AmberTax. Once documents are received, client receives confirmation by e-mail. All client’s documents are reviewed and analyzed by AmberTax tax Advisor. If possible, tax declarations are sent to tax authorities. When Tax Refund is received, AmberTax informs client by email about received money and made payment into client’s provided bank account. If client desides to receive money by a check, it will be mailed to address provided by client.


By signing contract client agrees to have AmberTax as exclusive provider of his/her Tax Refund services for tax years mentioned in the Tax Refund Application Form and grants AmberTax the right to use personal data about client, but only and as much as needed in accordance to contract.

When the client signs a contract, he/she is agreeing to grant AmberTax the right to receive the whole amount entered on the Tax Refund check issued in client’s name, also to present all Tax Refund checks issued in client’s name to the bank and endorse (negotiate) them, or/and to receive Tax Refund to AmberTax bank account.

If the client has signed a contract authorising AmberTax to organise his/her refunds, and has, with or without his or her knowledge, applied or authorised any other person, natural or legal, to organise the same refund, he/she will owe AmberTax the fee for the organisation of a refund, notwithstanding that the client has obtained a refund otherwise than with the assistance of AmberTax.

Tax Refund amount and period

AmberTax refund estimator is an estimation tool only. All the calculated refundable amounts provided by AmberTax are based on the average Tax Refund amount of similar cases from the previous tax years issued by the tax authorities and are only estimated. Final Tax Refund amount will depend upon the information and data on actual documents submitted by client. Please note, that final decision of the exact value of any refund due or amount owed is the decision of the relevant tax authority.

Where there is a change in the applicable tax law in the country from which the Tax Refund is being reclaimed, or in the interpretation or implementation of the rules and laws by the tax authorities of that country, AmberTax will meet its commitment to organize the refund to the degree allowed by the law, interpretation and implementation by the tax authority in that country.

AmberTax provides Tax Refund as expediently as possible, subject to the provision of the necessary documents by clients.

Tax refund period might be either longer or shorter and depends on costumer’s provided documents as well as on operating speed of the tax authorities of foreign countries. AmberTax seeks to get Tax Refund in the shortest time possible.

Refund issuance

AmberTax will send the Tax Refund to the client as agreed per communication with the client.

After AmberTax receives the refund from the tax authority, it will deduct its fees, plus necessary tax and send the remainder to client. If AmberTax for any reason cannot deduct its fee, client must pay the fee to AmberTax before AmberTax will send the refund to client.

AmberTax provides opportunity to get Tax Refund either by check or bank transfer as chosen by client on the Tax Refund Option Form. If client prefers to get Tax Refund by bank transfer, client agrees to provide bank details for international transfer. AmberTax is not responsible for any additional charges imposed by bank correspondent and/or beneficiary’s bank.

AmberTax has no control over the fees charged by banks in bank wire transfer or cashing the cheque and is not liable for any changes in local bank charges, any currency exchange rate by the bank or any time period that the bank takes to cash the cheque or to process the wire transfer.

If client’s bank information or address changes, client must inform AmberTax about any changes in 5 days from the date such changes occurs at [email protected]. AmberTax is not responsible for any problems related with payments due to wrong client’s bank details or address.

Fees and charges

Client is not asked to pay service fees in advance. AmberTax service fees will be deducted from the Tax Refund amount before it is issued to client.

AmberTax has minimum service fee for each Tax Refund application which depends on the tax country from which Tax Refund is returned. All fees include VAT, levy and handling fees. Additional fees will be charged for additonal services (document retrieval, amendment preparation for previous returns, and certain payment options) to cover associated administrative and management cost.

If client receives Tax Refund directly from Tax Authorities, he/she has to pay AmberTax for provided services. Payment can be made in the form of bank check or by wire transfer to AmberTax bank account. If this obligation is not fulfilled, AmberTax has the right to apply for debt without any further notifications.

If client is requesting his/her tax return to be filed with Tax Authorities of country, but is not entitled for Tax Refund, AmberTax must receive client’s payment in advance.

For more information about AmberTax fees email at [email protected].

AmberTax is not be held responsible for:

  • any tax adjustments made by Tax Authorities of country;
  • any amendment to the tax return;
  • follow-up on tax return adjustments;
  • the refund was already claimed or applied for;
  • client has already received a refund;
  • client owes money to the relevant tax office;
  • the information provided by client is false, inaccurate, incorrect, different from what the relevant tax authority has, insufficient or misleading in any way;
  • any additional charges imposed by bank correspondent and/or beneficiary’s bank.

W-2, P60/P45 and other forms search service

When client does not have W-2 (USA), P60/P45 (UK, Ireland), T4 (Canada), Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs (Germany), RF-1015B (Norway) form and this form is necessary to obtain client’s Tax Refund, AmberTax will have to contact the employer to get a copy of the mentioned form. If employer refuses to issue the form, AmberTax will not be held responsible for the Tax Refund.

If client did not submit W-2 (USA), P60/P45 (UK, Ireland), T4 (Canada), Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs (Germany), RF-1015B (Norway) form for Tax Refund and it is received by client later, client is obligated to bring or send it to AmberTax office before his/her income tax declaration is not sent out to Tax Authorities.

Social Security and Medicare (SS/med) taxes (Only for US Tax Refund)

AmberTax will not be held responsible for Social Security and Medicare (SS/Med) Tax Refund if employer, who withheld these taxes from client, refuses to cooperate with AmberTax or US Tax Authority (IRS). The fee for Social Security and Medicare (SS/Med) Tax Refund is charged separately from Federal and State Tax Refund and is taken only if SS/Med Tax Refund is returned.

Final Provisions

AmberTax communicates with clients via e-mails(s) to the e-mail address provided by the client. AmberTax expects that client will check his/her e-mail regularly for updates on Tax Refund process.

Client agrees to provide all documents that are mentioned in Tax Refund Application Form and sign all the documents that are necessary for obtaining Tax Refund, including Power of Attorney for tax, banking and financial matters.

AmberTax ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. All documents sent to AmberTax are handled according to our private policy (You can read our private policy in full by clicking here) ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality.

AmberTax reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the Site, its related services and Terms and Conditions should the need arise. These changes will be posted on the web-site terms and conditions page. Clients are advised to check it regularly and follow updates.

The submission of a registration to AmberTax, by web, post, hand, or email, constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by client.

AmberTax will advise current and past clients of all new services offered by AmberTax company.

Should client have any questions relating to the quality of service delivered, he/she is invited to email AmberTax at [email protected]. We will ensure that the email will be replied to within one business day.

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