How to survive after W&T USA Summer 



After spending a wonderful time over the summer in USA, most of students feel blue and sadness. I guess, you feel the same?

Don’t worry, it is not strange or unexpected feeling. Your new experience is more than just earned money. It so huge and priceless: new friends from the program, improved English knowledge, travelling impressions, life and work lessons and cultural awareness.


Big opportunities, bigger challenges after. Just let me give you some tips how to continue live after W&T summer:

  • Accept sadness as a normal thing. Soon it will end.
  • The good side of returning home is that now you have time to rest and relax after summer job.
  • See the benefits of your W&T summer time and tell others about W&T advantages. Let’s invite as many young people as possible to try W&T program.
  • Continue spending time around people. Stay connected with family and relatives. And meet your friends. Tell them about your experience and adventures during W&T summer.
  • Stay positive in the year ahead. Time goes by so fast and soon summer will come again. So you can already start to create plans for next summer.
  • Do not forget about post-summer work benefits – tax refund. Save your time and get your money back by easiest way – use professional tax refund service.

W&T program is unique experience which will never be forgot and should not. It is a gift. Enjoy it!




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